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Hi to the community,


I think it is ludicrous to force people to upgrade from 14 pro to 15 pro. I bought my Licence for VMware Workstation 14 last year and I think that VMware shouldn’t charge people for making their software compatible (to the exact User System) by buying the upgrade. I am quiet sure that this can’t actually be legal forcing (because if we don’t upgrade our OS will have security wholes because we can not update our OS) users to pay for this upgrade. Rather than doing this, VMware should release a patch to fix that.


It is a sad picture for a big company (and until now also an Company with a good reputation) like this to engage in such tactics.

I have been in this industry since the beginnings and spend over the time enough money on software (with the money I spend in the last 30 years just for my private consume on software one could buy a house) let alone the millions spent in the cooperate environment.


I have no problems paying for an upgrade on end of life circle (which should be after a new OS version)


Best regards!


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