Leave your mark. Ironic…

Leave your mark. Ironic…

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  1. Poor VP of VMware marketing : spends vast monies and time to prepare for this major conference

    has it ruined by some low level bean-counter saving pennies on the ID badges giving everyone ruined white shirts to remember the conference by……

    It’s now VMware 2024 conference

    Joe: “say, didn’t I meet you at the 2019 conference?

    Nancy: “I’m not sure, was that the year they gave out ID badges that ruined my silk blouse?”

    Joe: “why yes it was”

  2. Got something on the front of mine… Oops big mistake trying to dab it… Conference cost is the same, but no shirt or notebook (always give those to my wife).

  3. Anyone else really unhappy with the conference venue? Small, walking between buildings among questionables, bs food… vmware folks are nice but moscone staff seems bothered by us.

  4. Oh wow. Note to self: Don’t wear any of these badges. Probably attach them to my backpack instead from now on.

    Hope that stain can be removed.

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