Licensing question (host with Essential license to vCenter)


I have one vCenter Server Standard that has 6 Enterprise Plus level esxi hosts on one datacenter and these hosts are running about 200 VM’s.

I also have one new separate esxi host that is configured with trial license at this point. This system has nothing to do with the other. Now I need a new license for this new host and I was thinking about purchasing Essentials license to it, since this host does not need any fancy features of higher license types.


I was wondering if it is possible to attach esxi host with Essentials license to our current vCenter server standard?

If it is possible, then I could use vCenter to manage this separate host which would be nice.

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  1. An ESXi host with a vSphere Essentials license can only be managed with a vCenter with a vCenter Server Essentials license. You would need to go with a vSphere Standard license on that new host for it to be managed by your existing vCenter

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