Lifecycle for Horizon 7.x

Disclaimer that we are a newer Horizon customer, and do not have much background with the product outside of the past several months.

So I was reviewing the lifecycle matrix for VMware, and noticed the latest builds of Horizon 7 (7.11, 7.12) are slated to be end of support on March 22, which is just over 7 months away.


The most current ESB, 7.10, is also ending support later in 2021.

How does VMware typically handle this? Would they declare a new “ESB” and just extend the end of support date for only that version? Release a new minor version with an support date extension?

Surely they would not expect everyone to scramble to install a new build (whenever it is actually released…) only a couple of months out from the end of support of all other released versions… would they?

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  1. Horizon has a pretty rapid release cycle (quarterly). You will want to plan to do upgrades relatively often, even for ESB lines. If you are able to wait a month or so, I have heard 7.13 is being released Septemberish and will be an ESB release.

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