Linked clones freezing on Horizon client with new 7.9 Agent

When I log in using the Horizon Client I get a desktop and as soon as a license for the GPU is received, the desktop completely freezes.

Our environment is using the latest Horizon 7.9 agent, Vsphere 6.7 U2 with 2 Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU’s using the latest drivers (431.02). The linked clones are on Windows 10 1809.

The Master image does not have this issue when using RDP. Also when getting into the linked clones via RDP, everything seems to be working.

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  1. We had the same issue at several customers. Went back to the Horizon 7.7 agent for now. But seeing as T4’s are officially supported with 7.9 that might not be a real option for you.

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