Local vCenter instance and a remote host

I have a local vcenter instance managing some lan esxi hosts. I want to add my remote hetzner esxi host. The problem I’m having is the vpxa agent always gets my lan ip address so it can’t heartbeat causing dropouts. If I modify it, it works for the intial poll then updates back to the lan address of vcenter.

I’m guessing this is because vcenter stores and sends that address to the hosts. My question is two fold:

1. Where is that configured
2. Can that address be a url, or does it have to be an IP? Ideally it’d be a url and I could have it point to my lan address on my local instances, and the wan address would go through NAT

If it’s IP only I guess that’s not the end of the world, but my local hosts would have to loopback which is less than ideal obviously. URL based also makes it more resilient.

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