Looking for powerchute network shutdown options on vmware virtual machines.

I dont have a vcenter server but with just the vmware standalone host option i still need to configure a network shutdown method on my virtual machines with my ups. Does anybody know how to configure ups network shutdown for virtual machines assuming you dont have a vcenter server?

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  1. Hey,

    I know I’m not answering your question with the following but I just want to see if what you’re trying to do is right:

    Do you need your VMs to shut down on UPS?

    I’m assuming this is a small deployment or dev/lab as you haven’t got vCenter. So it’s likely coupled with a lower end UPS and won’t have much run time. One of the issues I see is people shut down all their VMs on UPS, they wish to avoid false positives so they trigger it after UPS battery has deteriorated to say 60% runtime remaining. The VMs then all generate and contend IO with each other from the attempted graceful shutdowns and most of them end up in an inconsistent state as the power draw increases from ramped up CPU and disk IO. Secondly are you using a controller with write cache to ensure any writes are committed?

    I may be way off base here and you have an entirely different scenario going on, but it’s just ensuring you are happy in the reasons you’re trying this. Again for all I know you just wanna see if it’s possible for knowledge purposes which makes my questions above redundant.

    Hope this helps!

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