Looking for tips to get Workstation Pro Guests to use actual MAC address instead of the Host MAC address

I’m using Workstation Pro version 15.5.6 build-16341506. The host is Ubuntu 18.04.

My guests include several Windows 10, Debian, etc.

All the guests are setup to use network bridging with unique MAC addresses that was generated by Workstation Pro.

In the guests, I see the that correct MAC addresses are assigned to the guests by Workstation Pro.

I’ve noticed that DHCP reservations do not work on the guests. And I’ve narrowed down the issue down to the fact that vmware is actually using the MAC address of the host for the guests instead of using the MAC addresses assigned to the guest.

I’ve tried running vmware with root privileges but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I’ve validated that the host MAC address is being used with wireshark. I also have confirmed that I have a network adapter that can be used in promiscuous mode and can support MAC spoofing.

I would appreciate any ideas on getting the correct MAC address to be used for guests so that DHCP REQUESTS can work.

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