losing state after restarting guest OS?


I am using VMWare with the following details:

**Host OS:** Windows 10

**Guest OS:** Lubuntu

**VMWare Client:** Workstation Pro

**RAM**: 4gb

**Allocated Disk Space**: 8gb

The problem which I am having is when trying to restart/reset the Guest OS (VM>Power>Restart Guest). The reason I want to restart the Guest OS is I think I need to do so in order to complete the installation of the open-vm-tools-desktop package.

When I restart the Guest OS, it restarts successfully but the Guest OS loses all of the data installed during the previous reboot (e.g. I installed gcc, rebooted and then gcc is gone). I then have to revert to a Snapshot.

I’m just wondering why this is happening? Is this expected behaviour? Apologies if this is a stupid question and is expected behaviour.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

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