Lost access to volume due to connectivity issues – ESXI 6.5

Hello all,

I’ve just deployed a new Dell PER6415 with ESXI 6.5U3 and loaded 2 VMs installed on it. While working on the guest VMs, it keeps locking up on me for a few seconds and then allows me to work again. I really didnt think it was problem until I was working last night and it actually disconnected my RDP session. I reconnected to it and it was showing as if I powered off the VM. Dug into the vSphere event logs and discovered that I had several messages of “Lost Access to volume %$^&%U* Datastore1 due to connectivity issues…” and followed up with “Successfully restored access to volume following connectivity issues”

I verified the RAID integrity is intact and no failed physical hard drives. The server also is on the latest firmware from Dell before I installed ESXI. FYI, this is a less than a week old server.

Did some digging and tried one of the suggested solutions which is to force ESXi to utilize the SATA AHCI driver instead of the VMware AHCI driver. This did not improve anything as I’m still experiencing the same errors.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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