Low performance in 3D games

Hello! So i got nostalgic and i wanted to play NFS Underground on my PC (Win 10), then i saw that is not gonna run whatever i’ll do cause is to old. I downloaded VMware workstation 16 and made a VM with Windows XP to run these games. I managed to do everything and run them but they run very poorly (sometimes low fps in some areas and some lagspikes). I wanna say i’m not that good with this kind of stuff (virtualization and other stuff) so i don’t know if i made something wrong while i built the VM or what.

Host PC:

Intel Core I5-8400 2.80Ghz

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4gb

8gb ram ddr4

running on a HDD (maybe that’s the problem…to slow? )

Windows 10 Pro


Guest PC:

CPU: 2 Cores

GPU: 1GB Vram



Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

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