Management Clusters?

Just curious, my fellow VMware admins. Do you have management clusters separate from your production workloads?

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  1. It’s a recommended practice for most multi-cluster environments, and hence you’ll find it implemented in VVD and VCF.

    But I’ve deployed plenty of relatively small environments in my career that used nested management workloads. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but can require some extra caution and care.

  2. Absolutely, we do. We have 7 vCenters with about 1000 hosts in our production SVI and VDI environments so we run the vCenter appliances in a different cluster on different storage arrays. We also have VSAN implemented in that management cluster.

  3. Past life, yes. Separate management clusters with dedicated vCenter.

    Current life, no. But we do use affinity rules to keep the vcenter tied to two hosts.

  4. we have a large vdi environment and for that we do have a management cluster. it has made it easier to keep an eye on things as everything is one vcenter. our resource(non-management hosts) are available to utilize all resources without any other overhead. We did have vmware “bless” this config as well. Production wise, it hasnt been an issue.

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