Mass Update of VM Tools from 10.x to 11.x (Auto Deploy Hosts)

I have an environment that is on the latest 6.5 patches and over 100 hosts on auto deploy. We have over 9,000 VMs. We received a vulnerability alert for VM Tools 10.x and need to get to VM Tools 11.x. ASAP. From my research, there is only two way to accomplish this. Please advise if there is a better way. The main goal is to avoid downtime and interruption while automating as much as possible.

**Option 1** – Update VM Tools package to 11.x in Auto Deploy image, reboot/redploy all auto deploy hosts then update VM Tools per image

**Option 2** – Package VM Tools 11.x and deploy to VMs via SCCM with no reboot option. Reboot/update tools along with OS updates

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have my tools installed via SCCM and it’s easy to install, and might be easier than AutoDeploy. They get installed as part of my Server OSD. I haven’t upgraded any tools installed via SCCM yet so I can’t say if it’s easy to upgrade them or not!

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