Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Review Vs. VMware vSAN

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Review Vs. VMware vSAN

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  1. Aside from a single paragraph of stats and a couple sentences explaining that they used less drives/different hardware, where was the comparison? This is a sales flier for azure stack.

  2. Lots of reasons to avoid going down the backdoor Hyper-V route (aka Azure on prem) mostly because managing and working with Hyper-V is a miserable trip which ends by reminding you exactly what it must have felt like to be a Windows Sys admin in 2002 while desprately trying to figure out what some nonsensical icon in a GUI actually means…..but vSAN isn’t exactly “better”.

    vSAN doesn’t perform particularly well (thats being polite) and its not particularly trouble free based on all my experience with it.

    The only HCI I’ve personally had positive experiences with, mostly because I wasn’t footing the bill, was Nutanix, and even that was going downhill last I checked.

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