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Currently I have Office Professional 2010 installed on our Image with the licensing being done via KMS.  When I open any office product, it opens fine with no configuration window.


Now I have a request to get Visio assigned to a certain group of users.  I have created an AppStack with Visio 2010 (since I do not want ALL users getting Visio) and assigned it to myself.  Now when I login to the desktop with Office, opening an Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) product brings up the configuration window.


I typically get this message; hitting “Close this program” finishes the configuration.


Additionally, when clicking on Vision 2010, the same configuration box appears. The configuration completes and Visio can be opened even though it is not activated.



1) Is it possible to run Visio on an AppStack when Office is installed on an image?

2) What is the best way to get these programs working on a virtual desktop?


Thank you!

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