Migrating from Windows Server to vCenter Server Appliance

Hello everyone!

I have been tasked wth migrating our current vCenter infrastructure from Windows Server 2016 to the Linux based vCenter Server Appliance. For those that have done this before or are currently using the server appliance, what are some tips, advice, and/or best practices that I should be on the look out for?

Thanks everyone!

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  1. This usually goes pretty smoothly. Follow the directions and things should go smoothly.

    Some small tips:

    1. Uninstall update manager on the Windows box if it is already there.
    2. Run the migration wizard from a box on the same subnet as the Windows server
    3. Make sure your DNS records all all there (hosts and vCenter) and correct

    Great step-by-step here:


  2. make sure you have backups and the ability to abort the process and revert back in case a problem is encountered.

    have any potentially needed .iso’s ready and accessible just in case.

  3. Just out of curiosity, why not just spin up a new vcsa and cut the esxi hosts across to it? There’s a little more work around that but it’d give you chance to ensure it’s built as per bp recommendations.

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