Migrating to new vCenter, experiences?

Our VCSA 6.7 is messed up, so much trouble with it that we need to restart it every other week.
Some of the issues:

– Web GUI becomes slow/unresponsive when doing some specific actions like Migrate a vm. (Still works with powershell).
– Adding a host will fail with error “out of licenses” though we are not.
– above will “fix itself” for a week or two after a restart.
– After a restart all vmware systemd services is masked, which means they wont start, i need to unmask and start manually.
– When we migrated to VCSA you had the choice of like small, medium, large vcenter, we are small but all was greyed out except for large so now we have a disk that 1.6TB which is mostly empty. Support gave up and said “It’s thin provisioning anyway”.

And other stuff, hard to create a case with vmware with all this issues and thinking about just migrating to another vcenter. Have read that you could just do vmotion over if vCenter is the same version. The problem i see is with Veeam, they identify the VM based on moref, i cant find if moref is the same when migrated or not. I don’t want to start a new backup chain for all my backups and VMs.
Has anyone any experience with this? Any gotchas?

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  1. I would personally just the VCSA 7.0 migration. I did it from 6.7 and it blew me away how simple it actually was, and, actually worked.

    I did small as well, but did end up giving the VC and extra 4 GB of RAM because it kept bugging me every now and then about wanting more.

    I can’t speak to the backup chains — but I suspect they will be intact based on the migration piece.

  2. Inside the VCSA’s VAMI (should be https://vCenter name:5480) there is a way to backup the configuration. But you get to choose how much historical data gets backed up – https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.install.doc/GUID-8C9D5260-291C-44EB-A79C-BFFF506F2216.html. Maybe it’s time to part ways with some of the old data.

    So after a successful backup, you could deploy a new VCSA and restore your Config – https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.install.doc/GUID-F02AF073-7CFD-45B2-ACC8-DE3B6ED28022.html.

    It looks like the docs reference VCSA 6.5, but you should be able to change the version of vCenter on the docs page to 6.7 in case the procedure is slightly different.

  3. What do you have in your VCenter?

    Lots of Ressource Pools?
    Lots of Folders?
    Lots of permissions assigned throughout the Hierarchie?
    Tags &Annotation in VM‘s?
    Distributed Switches?

    NSX, Horizon, vRealize Stuff? Other 3rd Party automation?

    If the answer to the above is: „not much“, just drop vCenter, install a new one, and connect your ESXi Hosts (VM‘s Continue to run)

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