Migrating VM’s from esxi5.5 to esxi 6.5

Hello all,

This is my first post on Reddit so apologies on the format etc.

I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to the below.

Current setup :
2 hosts running on 5.5 with several VM’s on each with NO shared storage.
The VM’s reside on the local server storage

Due to the server generation and the esxi version 5.5 being old, I am thinking of getting 2 new servers on esxi 6.5 with local storage again as before.

What I need to know is , do you see any issues in migrating host and storage from the 5.5 host to the 6.5 host? Unfortunately I don’t have a test environment to test it and don’t want to purchase 2 new servers without knowing that it is feasible.

The 5.5 hosts are managed by VCenter

Thank you all

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  1. vCenter can move VMs with no shared storage, as long as they’re not running. If you’re planning on vCentering on 6.5 too, you might be able to attach all 4 boxes from a new 6.5 vCenter on one of your new hosts, and then use that to migrate all the VMs over before removing your 5.5 boxes?

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