Mojave 1.14 running slow on vmware despite good specs.

I currently have a i7 8700k and when I ran OS X on it with all the cores on 4.7 ghz, it was pretty laggy. is it normal?

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  1. I’ll start with the normal questions for posts like this:
    1) Which VMware product (I assume Workstation)?
    2) What Version is the VMware product?
    3) How many vCPU and how much RAM is allocated to the VM?
    4) Have you left any resources for the host OS or is the VM consuming all of the available resources?
    5) Have you installed VMTools on the guest VM?

  2. Which version of Mac OSX switched the graphics stack to Metal from OpenGL? There are reasons why Mac OS X is only supported to be virtualised on Mac hardware.


    (Note that I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but if you want it to run properly then hackintosh ain’t the way to do it.)

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