Move vm to another host- No V-Motion


I have old a old setup running 5.x version and now I have configured ESXi 6.5 server. I want to move a vm from 5.x server to 6.5 server.

I dont have any veem or any third party software.

I am thinking to download the vm from 5.x server and then upload to new 6.5 server. Does this sound ok or if there is better way to do it?



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  1. There’s a number of ways to do this, partly driven by how many times you need to do it and how much other infrastructure you have.

    For a one off, shutdown the VM, SCP/rsync it to the new host, and then register it on the new host.

    Other ways include storage motion, cloning it from one host to the other, using vSphere replication, or the ovf export/import method you mentioned.

  2. If both hosts are on the same vCenter, you can do a shared-nothing vMotion/migration. If the VM is powered off, and there is no common vMotion network, this will either go through your management VMK interface or your VMK interface you have designated for all other traffic.

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