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or does nobody care that such an important feature does not work at all???

Yes, i do care, i.e. i am waiting on when this will get fixed or work in VMware Workstation platform.


Following links brought me here,


How to use multiple virtual monitors if host has a single monitor? – Super User

windows – Possible to have multiple virtual monitors for a VMware guest in windowed mode? – Super User


I share the same symptom as others that have tried to do the same in VMware workstation environment, i.e. i do get as far as adding additional displays from Windows 7 and 10 guest OS’s, but no additional displays are NOT responsive, as in they are NOT usable.


And i’ve tried just to see for myself that VirtualBox works, and indeed the VirtualBox has a working solution.


Screenshots below showing host with one physical display.  And i’m able to run 4 virtual screens inside the guest OS (Windows 7).


This solution allows me to use a thin client at the desktop (fan less), connected up to 4 displays, running VNC running in full screen, use all monitors mode.  And i can keep the higher power PC (the host running VirtualBox) away from the study room, and still get the benefit of using all 4 displays connected up to local thin client.


I would very much like to do the same with VMware workstation.



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