Multiple vSwitches for one uplink

Hi guys – I’m just getting set up with vSphere at home and to take full advantage I have a couple of nested ESXi hosts on my one physical host. The machine I’m hosting this all on is reasonably powerful but only has one physical NIC.

In setting up a distributed switch I’ve realised that this is a problem because it looks like I can’t move my physical machine’s uplink port over to the distributed switch because I’ll always need direct network access to this one machine. VMware even gives up when trying to do it so there’s definitely a limitation here. I’ve had a look around to see if it’s possible to put multiple vSwitches on an uplink and it doesn’t look to be.

Has anyone got any thoughts on a way around this please? Thanks!

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  1. Definitely (AFAIK) cannot have a physical uplink assigned to multiple vSwitches or dvSwitches. What is your desired end state? I run nested ESXi under Workstation and just have additional networks created in the Virtual Network Editor to give the nested ESXi instances all the NICs they require. From there, Workstation handles translating all of that out the one actual physical NIC on my PC.

  2. cant have multiple vSwitches on one uplink. but you can have as many vlans as you need on the one vSwitch. so really your only limitation is settings like Jumbo, which are vSwitch dependent.

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