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Hi Guys

New to the forum, hoping someone can help and broaden my knowledge on this. It’s doing my head in. I wanted to isolate the lab network and so created a NAT type connection using the VMnet8 adaptor. You can see my config below:


NAT 2.png

I have two servers in my test lab and they don’t have internet access. The purpose of configuring it via NAT is so there is no dhcp conflict with my physical router. The PfSense box is not configured. That is for a later date.

The dc’s have their own internal DNS assigned : see attached

My question is what I need to do to enable internet on my test machines? The VM should simply connect to my PC via the virtual network card and then the PC acts as the gateway to the internet by providing it with an IP address?


below is what my current v switch set up looks like:


Please can someone help me understand / guide me how to configure my setup correctly to get my vm’s connected to the internet.


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