Ncomputing on VMWare?

Hi so we currently using bare metal windows 7 with 12users for our Ncomputing (model of the device L300) and we then add a static IP for each device with username and password. So basically 1 user 1 device option and we need to change the static IP, username, and password for the user to change device. Our problem now and preparing is the windows 7EOL and upgrading our Ncomputing server and have the option to have 1device but all users can log in each time.

We actually need to use Ncomputing devices because of the location of our production(sometimes super high temp and high humidity).
Does anyone have experience in setting up the Ncomputing server maybe using VM’s per user? or Windows Server? Any tips and help will be much appreciated. Maximum of 20users with normal Excel and Gmail workloads…

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  1. Long time ago i’ve configured nComputing on server n school. I think i’ve used serve r2008R2 Standard as with LG monitors with integraded thin clients. after updates it started to work well. there even was specific app for school called vSpace. But i’ve used bare metal.

    with VM Per user solution you’re talking about full VDI. nComputing is limited to 1 host only. On their website they have something called Verde VDI but it require different thin clients.

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