Need advice on stable 10G network cards for my 3-node vSphere cluster, and 10G switches to go along?

Going to upgrade our 3-node cluster from 1G to 10G networking.

We do not own any 10G gear but some of our nodes are up for a refresh and so are our switches, looking for advice on battle tested network cards and switches.

We’re going with Dell R740, so the network card would need to be available as an option in the online server builder.

As far as network switches, we’re going to stick with HP and were looking at getting (2) JG898A for redundancy.

Very little experience with 10G stuff (server side or switch side), looking for others that have ventured down this road; how stable are Intel x550 / Intel x710 for VMware or is there a better choice? Melonix?

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  1. I am sorry, LOL @ Mellonix. 🙂

    Intel, Chelsio and… Aquantia. I have been testing AQN-107 recently and I agree with many on the ‘net: it is an interesting option with drivers available for ESXI (Github).

  2. The x710’s had issues early in their life but everyone’s figured the drivers out, so I’d just go with the 710s.


    Personally I’m a huge Arista fan, but with that low of a number of ports cheaper options will likely be fine as well.

  3. I’ve had great luck with the x540-t2 cards. Supported fully by esxi.

    As for switches, I’ve used netgear, hp and dell gear.

    I did have a budget 48 port 10gigE netgear switch cook off on me. I’ve stuck with hp/dell for the most part

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