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Ok. So I work for a particular Agency that uses VMware to create a virtual test machine for our application developers. the thing is they don’t have access to the VMware or the Server it ran off of just the machine. Every time the have to reboot their machine they reboot the OS Win 10 1903 and then they’re hit with the inability to remote back into the machine. That is until I can reset their Virtual and let it come back up. I feel this is not normal and that either configuration is messed up, they don’t have the access they’re supposed to, or they just shouldn’t be rebooting the virtual. any guidance would be much appreciated as I am very new to all of this.


TLDR Users keep rebooting the Guest OS and then are unable to remote into the machine until I reset the VM

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  1. I would diagnose why the guests are hanging and require manual intervention.

    Check that the VMware tools are installed, the VM logs and also Windows logs. Failing that, open a ticket with VMware to help diagnose the issue.

  2. I have been chasing a similiar issue. I found this [KB semi](https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/70543) randomly while spitballing phrasing of the issue into google. This tipped me off to drop the vmtools back down. I found some additional stuff that cited almost identical symptoms relating to vmtools / guest introspection and windows 1903. Went through tickets and found mention of “updated recently” in almost all issue tickets, and spent my sunday evening building an older version, with older vmtools and that is at the moment, working with repeated rdp connect/disconnect cycles.

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