Need Help Managing VMWare Tools Installs from vSphere


vSphere 6.7U1

3 ESXi Hosts in clustered setup

Multiple Windows 2012 R2/2016 Servers across all three hosts

EMC SAN for back-end storage

I deployed a new VM today, and I installed VMWare tools on this new VM through vSphere (Guest OS>Install VMWare Toos). I noticed that it installed a version that is a little dated, so I started doing research into how to update the image that vSphere uses to install VMWare Tools on VM’s. I read a few articles, and how I interpret it is that the VMWare Tools install package resides on the individual hosts in /vmimages/tools-isoimages. Is this correct understanding? (Side note: Used WinSCP to browse that location on one of the hosts, and there’s a bunch of files/folders that have very odd names such as Ÿ € @, etc. What is that, and how do I correct it?!)

I’d like to centralize the locations of where the base VMWare Tools image is installed so that all three hosts would use the same image to deploy the software on future VM’s. I found this article:

The issue I ran into is that I try to go to follow the path Content > rootFolder > childEntity > hostFolder > host in Manage Object Browser of vSphere, but there’s no clickable “host” item. I find that if I go to follow the path Content > rootFolder > childEntity > hostFolder > childEntity, there are three different hosts that I can click on, and from there can click on the QueryProductLockerLocation, but there’s nothing defined in there.

Basically, I’m confused at this point as to how to setup a central location for VMWare Tools.

What would be the best way to handle this?

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