Need HW recommendations for performance VM setup

I am thinking of building a VM Workstation 15 setup.
– Tower server with dual XEON CPUs and 64+ RAM
Ideally, which will have physical SSDs per VM.
I wish to be able to use Windows 10 as host and use the machine as usual and run multiple performance VMs simultaneously.
I will need 2x windows VMs with 8/16GB RAM and a Linux Mint with 32GB RAM with majority of the CPU power (can not use LM as host!).
(Currently I am using a 16GB RAM, i7 laptop with the same setup however, due to both CPU and RAM performance, I can use only one of these VMs at a time. Switching between VMs is killing me!)
As a home server, I am looking for tower and probably as quite as possible. I obviously will need several SSD slots (I am not sure if servers have multiple M.2? Do they?).
Which tower server would be suitable for me? Or more importantly, which Xeon CPU is better for me?
(I really do not understand the Xeon differences, I only understand hyperthreading is not that powerful, so multiple cores is more important?)
Thank you for the help… Much appreciated 🙂

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  1. Why go dual xeon when you could go Ryzen and get 32+ cores on a single chip.

    Ryzen build, loads of ram a 1 or 2 NVMe ssd’s and you’d be set

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