Need info on VMware’s hypervisor security options

My company is entertaining replacing the full McAfee suite (malware, fw, heuristics, whitelisting, dlp) with VMware’s Hypervisor level security bundle.

Mostly because they’re cheap and don’t want to pay for extra CPUs in our virtual environment.

Anyway, I’m having trouble finding info directly comparing VMware to any security suite, let alone McAfee.

By the very nature of these functions, I don’t think it’s possible to do the functions that they are required to do (above) with at the hypervisor level. I’ve been wrong before so I want to ask the SMEs 🙂

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  1. I haven’t used it recently but in the past but we had trend micro at the hypervisor level for our VDI environment. You are correct in that it is not a full featured AV product as you would have installed on a client.

    Things may have changed over the past few years with app defense, and vmwares carbon black purchase but I still do not think there will be feature parity at the hypervisor level compared to full blown install.

  2. “They’re cheap” != vmware’s *anything* product

    you will still want a FW on the perimeter . appD is not a DLP, malware filter, or anything like that. I think it’s an excellent product, but agree with Mike-foley. apples vs oranges. Like getting collision detection in a car and saying you dont need seatbelts anymore.

    more advanced network stuff, virtual firewalls, micro segmentation is the NSX sku, which is ANYTHING but cheap (but it is awesome)

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