Need some advice in ESXi

Hi guys,
I currently have the ESXi running on an old PC.

The Vms will be mostly to study (university) and learn some more things. Now I needed some advice from you since I’m undecided.

I need to access the ESXi GUI remotely and the solution I have for now is, a Linux VM with anydesk that automatically connects when ESXi connects, and then I remotely access that VM and from there I access ESXi but I don’t like this implementation, I would prefer something faster and more professional.

I know I could use openvpn but in this case I can’t do port forwarding … A service that I use on one of the Vms is ZeroTier to access Nextcloud remotely, however I already tried to do SSH tunneling with ZeroTier and I couldn’t.

Does anyone have any advice on what would be better in this situation? Or know how to use ZeroTier to do this ?

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  1. “I know I could use openvpn but in this case I can’t do port forwarding”

    Are you not sure how to do it or do you not have control of the router and therefore are unable to configure it?

  2. I see you already mentioned SSH tunneling, but a lightweight Ubuntu server running sshd is a clean and ‘secure’ option.

    Then you only expose the SSH from the fully patched SSH gateway to the internet and use SSH tunneling to access the esxi web UI.

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