Need to duplicate VMs from one server to another

Brand new to VMWare here. I have two Dell ESXI servers. One is supposed to be a primary server and the second one is supposed to be a backup server. The first server has several VMs on it and I need the same VMs to be on the backup server. How would I duplicate the VMs from the first server and put them onto the second?

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  1. Assuming you are not using free hypervisor license, you should at least have essential or essential plus license. If you have a vcenter, you can clone the VM by right clicking on the source vm and select destination at host 2. By the way, since you have iscsi storage, you dont need an exact copy because HA will power on the VM on host 2 automatically when host 1 has failed.

    Or use Veeam community edition to do a local replication from host 1 to host 2. Veeam community edition also allows you to backup/replicate up to 10 instances (vm or physical) for free. In case if host 1 fails, Veeam allows you to perform a failover from their console.

    However, you need a windows server to do that. Use windows server 180 days evaluation if just use for temporary, buy a windows license if you want to make it as a permanent solution.

    If you don’t have paid license, try VMware vcenter converter to make an exact clone. Veeam can’t do anything as VMware locked the API for backup vendors to do a backup and replication in the free esxi.

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