Need to get my VCP – should I go for 6.7 or 7 and what course should I take?

So I have been working with ESXi for a long time. Probably 10+ years now

I have never needed the cert but I would like to try and advance my career (primarily make more money) and I feel like a VCP-DCV would be the first step and make my resume more attractive. I have always ended up as the most “advanced” engineer wherever I work – call it natural ability or whatever, but have yet to get any official certs or anything.

I feel like I should take the 6.7 exam because I am already very familiar with 6.7, and honestly I probably won’t use 7.0 in a production environment for another year or so. Maybe get my VACP for 7.0

What VMWare course would you all recommend, with the intention of simply passing the VCP-DCV exam? Right now I am thinking the Optomize and Scale course might be the best one, but I already have been using all of the things they focus on and am pretty comfortable with all the topics in the course.

And lastly, can any certified folks comment on how actually how hard the exam was for someone that is already comfortable architecting and administrating complex environments?

Was your prep mostly memorization and hitting practice tests or did it require more of lab time vs actual memorization for the test?

I am very comfortable with vCenter in an enterprise environment but I suck at taking tests and I suck even more at studying so it’s going to be an uphill battle unfortunately. I am hoping that since I apparently have a natural ability for tech and have been working with VMWare for so long it will make it a bit easier though.

Hoping to crash course 24/7 for about a week after whatever course I do and start the course ASAP.

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