Network interface ‘Network adapter 1’ uses network ‘VMOTION- PG-01 (DSwitch-01 )’, which is not accessible.

I’m pulling my hair out on this one. The network names on the destination host match, and the host is identical to the other two hosts. All articles point to issues with network names being mis-matched however this is not the case. I’ve rebooted the host and bounced vCenter as well. There are no VM’s running on the dest host and I cannot vMotion\migrate any VM’s to this host. Here’s what else I did: I spun up a new VM on this dest host, used a template from the SAN, and successfully installed VM tools. I was also able to vMotion this VM to another host, and bounce the VM between the other two hosts successfully. All 3 of these hosts are in the same cluster. Anyone have any ideas beyond what I’ve attempted or read? This is a vSphere 6.0 environment btw.

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  1. Port group names are case sensitive, so your first port of call is to make sure that the PG name is *exactly* the same. I’d put money on the space between the first hyphen and PG being the issue in your case though.

  2. Any open snapshots on the VM? I’ve seen this happen when a snapshot is open where before it used a standard port group, and after the snapshot, it uses a distributed port group.

    Else ensure vmotion is enabled on the appropriate vmk adapters, and quadruple check port group names.

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