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We have a Virtual machine deployed in VMWare Workstation Pro where a CentOS 7 is running.

Native Host is a Windows 2012 Server with 4 network cards. Two of them used for Windows OS and two assigned exclusively to CentOS virtual appliance.

We have created two virtual switches (VMNet2 and VMNet3). Each one assigned to physical NIC 1 and the other assigned to NIC 2.



We have configured on the CentOS a NIC bonding with LACP (we have also tried with hot/standby NIC bonding) but the problem is that as soon as the virtual machine starts up and both virtual NICs are connected, a message appears  “Adapter Ethernet0 may not have network connectivity.MAC address xxxxxxxxxxx of adapter Ethernet0 is within the reserved address range”.

How can we avoid this issue? As soon as this message appears, the connectivity is not possible.


According to VMWare, this issue is related with how the virtual machine was deployed: moved or copied. VMWare defines a procedure to re-generate the MAC address of virtual machine in order to correct the issue.

We have followed several step by step  procedures to solve this problem without success.


Does someone have the same issue and can assist?



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