Network serial port not working

Guys, I am new to all this so sorry if I am asking too trivial a question. I have to learn so much but I feel that vmware’s docs are lacking here…

I took someone else’s esxi server at work and installed couple cisco routers on it to learn. but there are so many obstacles and I can’t find help in vmware documentation nor internet forums…

– I have ESXI 6.7. but I can’t find the license, there is a key but it only says: Features: Up to 8-way virtual SMP – so my question is, is this a free license or a paid one and which tier

– I installed a VGA version of the IOS XR virtual router and it works including the VGA console. second router does not. nothing on the console, people on internet say to use the network serial port. When I configure it, I cannot access it even if I configured the ESXI firewall. Somebody on internet again said that virtual network serial ports only work on the paid tier of ESXI.

I cannot find a proof of this, should the virtual network port work with the free license or not. and if the VGA console works on one instance only (or… I think I installed the first one on 6.0 and then the server underwent an upgrade to 6.7 so this can be much more complicated…)

Thanks to everyone. I promise to study as much as I can before posting here but this already took me some time…

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