Network storage under 5-10k USD?

A few years back we grabbed a budget for vcenter and a dual network storage server to make our VMs somewhat fault tolerant. After buying the license, we only had enough left to buy 2 dell servers and run freenas with data replication and virtual IP. If I remember right the storage servers use 15k sas drive in raid 10. Pretty sure this is set up as a NFS datastore. It was cool seeing the failover happen with success for the first time. I wouldn’t say I trust it though.

This cheap storage solution is networked 1gbe to a switch and the switch is 1 gig to the 2 vsphere. We originally this for mostly management servers that send us alerts and stuff. We now run windows servers and pbx systems. Noticing when I use the network data store, tasks run slower than local datastore. I get lag when requesting files on vms etc.

Vsphere hosts are 3 dell r610s with 10k sas drives. Is it possible to buy a system that would provide maybe 2 to 4TB of network storage that would respond with less latency than a local datatore? We are going to add virtual servers that recieve streaming telemetry and sflow and I dont want these servers to have a bottleneck on their storage.

Basically I would like some flash network storage that doesn’t suck and is fault tolerant for under 10k. Any suggestions please?

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  1. > Basically I would like some flash network storage that doesn’t suck and is fault tolerant for under 10k. Any suggestions please?

    Not going to get a flash storage solution that doesn’t suck, and is fault tolerant for anything close to $10K.

  2. Why not just shove flash drives in the hosts and run vSAN?

    I don’t really see the point of a separate dedicated flash array for 3 hosts and it’s not in your budget anyway.

    Hell, with just 3 hosts you can do the old no-switch high speed network trick, each host has a 10 or 40 gbe NIC plugged directly into both other hosts.

  3. Fujitsu Eternus might have something that comes at least in the ballpark, if not all the way down to $10k. Maybe the DX 60 lineup, the baby. Possibly DX 100. You’d have to find a VAR and ask.


    I don’t know what it will cost exactly, but depends on how you spec it. But with something like just 4 2TB SSD’s it might slot in at $10k or less with redundant everything internally.

    You probably want two network ports on the hosts to do iSCSI multipathing so you can hit 200MB/sec over dual gigabit round robin links. Better yet spec it all for 10 gig and add a 10 gig switch in between, but that would add to your cost.

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