Networking Issues on New ESXi 7 Install

I just installed a fresh copy of ESXi 7 on a Dell R730. I’m using the free edition. I scp’d a Windows 10 VM over to the new server, configured all the hardware and fired it up. Works fine.

However, I cannot ping some IP addresses. I can ping my gateway, my DNS, and I can reach the internet with no issues.

I have two Windows 10 NUCs sitting right next to each other. Plugged into the same switch in ports right next to each other. No VLANs present. I can ping one of them but not the other. is reachable is unreachable.

The IPs I’m able to reach and not reach are consistent but it does not make sense. I’ve tried a teamed network and single port network with the same results.

The one thing I noticed that was odd is that my physical nics have the same discovered subnets but only one of them has the full subnet.


Discovered Subnets

Subnet 1 VLAN ID 0


Discovered Subnets

Subnet 1 VLAN ID 0


Discovered Subnets

Subnet 1 VLAN ID 0

vmnic3 and vmnic2 are my team vmnic1 is standalone.

I’m not able to ping but I am able to ping so it’s not the range impacting what I can and cannot reach.

Any Ideas?


I disabled all load balancing on those ports on my switch and everything is working now. Strange since A) the port group was configured the same as my old ESXi port group and B) I tried with a single port non-loadbalanced connection as well…. so still some unanswered questions but the issue seems to be either with ESXi 7 and the load balancing on my Cisco SG200-50 or possibly the NIC in my R730 and the load balancing on the switch. The NIC in my old ESXi is an Intel and the new ESXi is a Broadcom.


I’ve tried a few different scenarios and it seems to be an issue in ESXi 7 and CDP. The improper subnet discovery does seem to be the issue. I’m not able to reproduce the issue with ESXi 6.7 or earlier.

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  1. Can you ping out FROM the unreachable machine?

    Can you ping your default gateway from that machine? Can you ping past your gateway, like to the Internet?

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