Networking on Esxi

Long story short, I have Server Core 2019 and RHEL virtual machines on my ESXi host. Both machines can go out on internet but cant ping each other. WAN working LAN not working

I am no newbie on IT matters and I cant seem to figure out. Whilst I carry on checking any ideas will be really appreciated


Edit: rebooted machines and it started working… apologies and thanks for all your posts

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  1. Have you checked:
    – both on the same switch
    – same subnet
    – no firewall rules blocking eachother(seem to have this often with windows myself)

  2. Assuming they are on the same host/subnet/vlan. I would check if you have a firewall turned on inside the OS. Windows firewall will prevent you from pinging the Windows host. If they are not on the same vlan/subnet I would then check your routes.

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