New datastore creation won’t use full RAID VD cpacity. Help!

I am fairly new to VMware and I am setting up a new host and trying to create a datastore but it only sees 185GB of free space on a freshly created 3.6TB RAID 5 VD. It shows me 2 partitions. 1 “Linux swap partition” and an “empty” partition each 1.8GB. If I select “use all available partitions it says the data store will be 2TB. What about the other 1.6TB? How do I use the full 3.6TB that should actually be free? Info on my host below.

ESXi, 6.5.0, 5969303

Dell R620 128GB RAM

Dell PERC h710 mini RAID 5 3x2TB

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  1. Just a hunch, but if there are already partitions on the disk as you say, then I suspect the disk was initialized w/ MBR partition style, rather than GPT. MBR only allows for ~2TB of space to be used.

  2. I’ve initialized the disks and haven’t don’t anything to them after that so I’m not sure where the partitions are coming from. I didn’t have an option to initialize as MBR or GPT, just has initialize.

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