New Horizon environment – App Volumes 4 or 2.x?

Hi all,

We’re rolling out a completely fresh Horizon environment shortly, and I’m just planning out what we’re going to install etc etc.

I see that App Volumes 4 is now released, but I also see that the JMP Server doesn’t support App Volumes 4. We’re new to Horizon, so have never used any of the management tools before. Are we missing out by going to AV4 and not having JMP support?

If JMP doesn’t support AV4, is there any point in us deploying a JMP server at all?

Or are we better using AV2.x with JMP and waiting until JMP supports AV4?

My gut says AV4, but I don’t fully understand what the JMP server would offer us if it didn’t integrate with App Volumes? Any insight would be much appreciated.

Thanks 🙂

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  1. JMP is horrible (speaking from a troubleshooting perspective).

    Do not forgo the new features of App Volumes 4.x just for JMP.

  2. Don’t do JMP in production and thank me later. Deploy 4.x because it’s fundamentally different than 2.x. Not only is it better from a feature perspective and performance standpoint there is no migration plan from 2.x to 4.x.

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