New Kali 5.7 cycle multiple monitors black screen


I changed my laptop recently and reinstalled a fresh up to date Kali Vm (5.7.0).

I used on my old laptop a 5.5 Kali and everything was going fine, but when I tried to use the “Cycle multiple screens” function on the new Kali, both screens went black. Mouse was working even if the screen was totally black and I somehow blindly managed to have a very very buggy mirror display but nothing more. I tried switching from xfce to gnome in order to see if it wasn’t OS specific but once again displays went black after activating cycle multiple monitors.

I tried this same new install on the old laptop and the same buggy behavior was happenning, wich means it’s not a Host problem IMO.


Any idea where the problem comes from and how to solve it? It could be cool if I could use the new Kali because I spent a few days configuring it before figuring out I’m not able to use multiple monitors anymore.

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