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I have been a light user of VmWare workstation for five-ish years.  Typically I am running three machines at the same time.


Last week, for the first time in about two years, and first time in Workstation Pro version 15, I spun up a new Windows 10 machine.  And I am having some trouble with it.


One of the previously existing machines is windows 8.1, and two of them are windows 10.


The configuration of the new machine does not look different from any of the old ones.  (But the old ones were not created in Workstation 15, only upgraded to that point along the way).


In each of the old existing machines, when operating in full screen mode, I can move my mouse to the top of my screen and the menu/tab bar floats down.  (In fact I can see a tiny sliver of it at all times).


In the newly created machine, when operating in full screen mode, I do not see that sliver, and moving the mouse to the top of the screen does not bring the menu/tab bar down.  Even if I press the Ctrl and Alt keys (which I thought should get me to the host) there is no effect.  The only thing I have learned to do is to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del which is intercepted by the host, and then the host displays the blue screen of non-death menu about Lock, Sign out, shut down, start task manager, etc.  If I hit the cancel button I am now back at the new guest and the sliver of the top menu/tab bar does show, and I can move the mouse up there to get it to float down.  However, if I click in the guest fullscreen window, or draw focus to it in any way, the whole window flashes and repaints, and the menu/tab bar sliver goes away and I am back where I started.


I can see no configuration option that is different between the old machines and the new one that would explain this difference of behavior.  A cursory comparison of the VMX files (and I am no expert!) also does not seem to explain this difference.


I would like the new machine to behave like the old ones.  Any insights that could help me on that configuration path?

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