New VSAN built on ReadyNodes – Getting error: Controller disk group mode is VMware certified

So, Getting this error on a brand new build of this.

I had used these nodes as a test, wiped it out, and installed them in their permanent home – and am now getting this error, even if I wipe it all out and start again.

Seems to be complaining about my hybrid disk setup and wanting to be flash only – my nodes are: 3 storage capacity disks (1tb ea) and 1 SSD cache disk per node.

Can’t figure out how to make this error go away – anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Is your disk controller in RAID mode or Passthrough/HBA? VSAN wants to manage all the disks itself, not be passed a RAID array. You’ll want to make sure that the controller is in passthrough/HBA mode (Some controllers need to be flashed with a particular firmware to make this happen). You also can’t be in any sort of hybrid mode.

    Also, I’m under the impression that you need 2 SSDs for VSAN’s cache? I could be misremembering that though.

  2. for what its worth…i *had* a similar / same issue.

    approx sept 27 my vsan cluster tossed up a warning about my controller: Dell HBA330

    the warning was that all flash was recomended

    i went to the HCL and my driver / firmware was listed for both all flash and hybrid modes, i use hybrid.

    i put the error on the backburner and started looking at it yesterday and forced an update to the HCL db file and error persisted. this morning it must have picked up a new HCL DB file and the warning is suddenly gone.

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