New vSAN Cluster

So we have an existing small vSphere cluster(3 hosts) with SAN storage which is being replaced by a 4 node vSAN cluster.

Looking for a recommendation:

Should I add the 4 new nodes and create a new cluster in same DC? Or should I add to existing cluster with existing hosts that will be deprecated once all VMs are moved?

Is there any benefit to either method?

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  1. Create new cluster for cleanliness, especially when you are configuring vSAN with it’s network configuration so you don’t accidentally misconfigure the old host networking.

    Ensure you have the same vMotion VLAN that reaches both old and new hosts, then once vSAN is configured enable EVC mode to same as old cluster for live migration, unless you want to do an offline migrate.

  2. How are you licensed? What’s your outage windows look like? Are you keeping the VCSA or building new?
    Is EVC required?

    I’d create a new vSAN cluster and attach a swing LUN to both clusters. Storage migrate a few VMs to swing LUN, power down and remove from inventory of old hosts. Add to inventory of new hosts and power on. Advanced vMotion or storage vMotion to vSAN if licensed. This circumvents EVC mode but does require a hard down of the VM.

    Ensure NTP and networking is rock solid before you proceed.

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