Newbie Question: Stuck on setup, can’t get a offline bundle to patch with drivers?

**Update, may be OK now**: I made this post after a few hours of frustration but obviously right after I post this I seemed to run across a solution with the ESXI-customizer/CLI tool which I was using to combine the drivers into the install. The issue I had earlier was a server error while writing an ISO after it downloads from depot (and combines with the driver!). The fix that was suggested was to use “*izip*” and “*ozip*” which I thought I needed to have an offline bundle zip in the first place in order to use.. which is why I thought I was stuck. 10 mins ago, thought of the idea to use JUST “*ozip*”, so that it wouldn’t write an ISO but a zip.. and voila, it wrote the offline bundle. Which I then used “*izip*” to convert that.

Apologies for the “empty” post. Mods feel free to delete.


Hi all,

Super newbie so I apologize on any obvious questions.

I wanted to install a free version of ESXi hypervisor and when installing, I got a “no network device” etc. Turns out, my Realtek NIC doesn’t have drivers. So I googled and figured out how to get the drivers and that I had to combine it with the ESXi installer with PowerCLI. Now, it seems I can’t download the “offline bundle” for 6.7 – it is all greyed out so maybe I don’t get access to this as a “free user” ? I believe PowerCLI requires the offline bundle to do the combining, and cannot use the ISO.

I see some resources online (ESXi customizer, I believe created by the host the resource) that combines the ISO with the driver files but I”m having issues getting the script to work – getting some download errors.

Hopefully there is something I am missing? I’m missing driver for the Realtek 8111 NIC


Thank you!

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