NFS and IP reconfiguration

I’ve inherited an ESXI host with a NFS datastore that’s currently mounted and in use. Unfortunately, the ESXI host doesn’t have an IP that’s in the same subnet as the datastore so all that storage traffic is going through our router.

I want to add a new IP to the ESXI host that’s on the right subnet and just have the traffic going through our switches.

My question is, am I able to do that while everything is up and running? Just add the new IP and everything should just reconnect without issue. Or do i have to unmount the datastore first and then configure the networking the remount and import the disks?

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  1. I suspect you’d need to power off or evacuate all the running VMs, unmount the datastore, add a new vmkernel interface on the NFS subnet, and then reattach it. NFS can’t multipath so I don’t think there is any mechanism for it to just magically move to the other interface while there is load on the first one.

  2. I’d put the host in maintenance mode first. Then add the new vmkernel interface and reboot.

    I suspect that you could get some weird locking issues (files locked by the old address, trying to access from new address) if you tried to do it live. Then again. Maybe not. The only way to be sure would be to do it and I wouldn’t trust my production data to it.

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