NSX Intelligence licensing?

Has anyone been able to get a definitive answer to whether NSX Ent Plus licensing is required for NSX Intelligence or if Advanced is good enough? According to the most [current documentation](https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/52462) I can find, the only differences between advanced and Ent Plus is HCX and VRNI is included in Ent Plus.

We currently use Advanced because we don’t need HCX but I’m about to pull the trigger on some licenses for an expanded DC and I want to make sure we have access to NSX Intelligence when it becomes available. My VAR can’t get their calls returned on this issue and some queries I’ve thrown out to my contacts have been met with radio silence as well.

Has anyone been able to get an answer on this one? Thanks!

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  1. The definitive answer will be in the 2.5 docs, I believe those will turn up very soon now. Until that happens it’s all future- so will be very hard to get any definitive answer without an NDA session with someone.

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