NSX Load Balancer design

Hello Gurus,

Seeking you help on a NSX LB design.

We have a typical multi-site data center setup in which 2 X ECMP PLRs connected to the north Core networks and south UDLR. Workload/VM are spanning between 2 data centers and clients are located in WAN edge. High level, Data path as follows

For Targets in DC1

Client–>WAN–>DC1 Core–>either of DC1 PLRs –> UDLR –>Logical wire –> VM

For Targets in DC2

Client–>WAN–>DC2 Core–>either of DC2 PLRs –> UDLR –>Logical wire –> VM

In case or VMotion clients will follow the DC1 path but they will use DCI link for VXLAN overlays ( No ingress optimization )

Now we are in a position of placing a LB which can serve all purpose of Load balancing requests, means one EDGE will serve different VIPs for both one-arm and inline services. It would be great some design experts advise me the placement of the edge.

1. Where exactly i shall place the edge? shall we directly hook into the core routing engine or create a separate logical wire and attach to the UDLR or an EDGE forked to ECMP PLRs. – my concern about the hair pinning or the data traffic
2. Can the pools contains IP from different networks? consider a case of primary VM in DC1 and secondary VM in DC2 – what optimal design for such kind of requests
3. Usual designs for LBs are close to the application, since these VMs are floating around what would be the best approach – please advise any reference design is available

Thanks in advance

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