NSX Manager (NSX-V v6.4) over IPSec to hosts causing trouble

Hi! We’ve got an installation of NSX-V with the managers in another DC connected with IPSec to communicate with the ESXi hosts. Sometimes, we lose VM L2 access between hosts and need to reboot the hosts to get VM L2 access between hosts again.

I guess that the NSX agent reinstalls/reconfigures upon reboot of the hosts and that makes the VM L2 connectivity work once again. When this is happening, we get no errors in the vSphere client.

My question is, am I right? Is it a design error to have the NSX managers in another site? Sometimes the IPSec goes down for a short period.

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  1. Having NSX manager at a remote site doesn’t sound like the best idea. Ideally you should have it in the same layer 2 segment. We chose to run our nsx managers on a separate management cluster with layer 2 access to the managed hosts

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