NSX-T Segment DHCPv6 Relay

Has anyone actually got this working?

I’ve had an NSX-T lab since 2.4 and i’ve never had DHCPv6 relay working, I’ve put it off for a while now but I’m now on 3.0.1 and it still doesn’t seem to work. I’d like to start using overlay segments more as I’m splitting my lab into Prod/DR and it’d be nice to keep some thing on the same L2 domain easily.

I have the correct (as far as documentation/blogs) DHCP relay profile configured and applied to the T1 and segment. Doing captures on the edge nodes I can see the DHCPv6 packet being relayed to the server correctly and the response comes back correctly right up until it hits the T1 GW that is the router for the segment/subnet.

I see the reply come back on the T0 – T1 router link but it’s never repeated on the segment connected port for some reason??? I’ve dug through the edge node on the nsxcli and as root but I can’t find any logging or debug for the DHCP relay server to see why it (I presume) is dropping the DHCPv6 advertise.

Lab is fully dual-stacked so I don’t really want to start leaning on logical segments until I can replicate the functionality of the physical network. SLAAC works fully as expected and so does IPv4 DHCP relay so it’s got me pretty stumped without access to more logging.

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